20 June 2011

A New Chapter

Recently I started a new chapter in my life.....University studies.  This of course means I will also have to learn how to balance motherhood, business, friends, working out, housework and studies!  I am extremely excited but will have to admit, in the beginning, I did feel a little overwhelmed by it all.  I kept wondering what if I can't do this? what if i am not capable?  I expressed these feelings to a very good friend who gave me some wonderful advice....."just take it one paragraph at a time and you will be fine".  So that is what I am going to do.... take my studies one paragraph at a time and the rest of my life one organised task at a time!

I have learnt through life experience that over analysing things is very unproductive.  Life is forever evolving and I have since discovered that I am capable of this new chapter! Sure its time consuming and certainly challenging but it is pushing me.  Challenging your yourself with something new once in a while is a great way for you to grow, build some extra confidence and boost your self esteem.  This doesn't necessarily mean you need to go out and sign up to University studies.....you can challenge yourself in many different ways such as learning a new language, getting your life organised, joining a sports team, embracing a healthier lifestyle, changing careers!  Last year at 37 years old I finally learnt how to surf!!! 

Once you take that first step you will want to continue on your journey of positive self development and growth.  So go on....take your first step, you will wonder what you were waiting for!