09 July 2011

What would make you happy ???

So hands up who watches Oprah ???  On a recent show I was watching, Oprah interviewed a guy named Tom Shadyac, a hollywood director who has downsized his home and finances and has found a much happier and fullfilling life.  He has made a documentary simply titled "I am" ......check out the website and trailer... http://www.iamthedoc.com/  He has interviewed some very interesting and influential people.  I haven't seen the documentary as yet but certainly looking forward to seeing it soon. 

So this made me think about my life, what I have, how I live, what I believe.
Once apon a time I thought having it all meant, being married, living in a beautiful home in the suburbs, having a couple of kids, driving a nice car, money in the bank, holidays.....and once I nearly had all of that!  I now live a happy life with my son, live in a modest home and drive a hutchback.  Overall i'm happy with my life, its purpose and where i'm heading both personally and professionally.  Sure I wouldn't mind a few more luxuries but I have what I consider the essentials....a home to live in, warm clothes, food in the fridge, good health, loving family and friends.  Now some people need more than me to be happy....and thats great! No two people are the same and we all have different needs, wants, spiritual beliefs and challenges.   I am, however, in the process of making a few changes in my life at present.  Two major things being where we live and schooling for my son, which will both align with my new outlook on life and what having it all now means to me......so stay tuned for that.

So back to the documentary....basically its about doing what you feel is your lifes purpose, what makes you happy and not to define success by what is in bank account.  Success differs for everyone and as I have found, your perception on success can change as you get older and more life experience.  So have a think about how you define success and if you could do anything....what would make you happy????