31 January 2010

Health & Happiness - Vision Board

Firstly I realise I have been a bit slack with my postings....that's because I have been busy spending time with my son as we only have 2 more days left together then he is off to big school! So I promise I will be much more regular with my postings from Wednesday onwards...

So onto something I wanted to share....Positive thinking, affirmations, visualisation are all very easy ways to make yourself feel happy and live a great life. When you feel really happy it shows and in turn that happiness will branch out to people around.
Last week I really started thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2010 both personally and professionally. I have my list in my head and have a few pictures in my organiser to help me visualise these goals and have been using affirmations, visualisation and postive thinking on a daily basis. But reality is, at times we do feel unhappy, stressed, like things are just not working the way we want. Now the last few days have been a little stressful in my house...and yesterday I was nearly at breaking point....now I'm generally a very happy & positive person but I can tell you yesterday morning I certainly wasn't feeling happy or positive!! So after a few hours of being upset, feeling sorry for myself and just generally grumpy I decided to do something to make myself happy and pick myself up from those down and out feelings.

I decided to put together a vision board of types consisting of words that sum up what I want from 2010 for my personal and professional life. So I got out all my magazines and started cutting out any word that described what I want for 2010...my dreams, hopes, goals etc.....I have words such as "happiness, freedom, organised, joy, love, strengh & courage" ....and much more. I still have some room left down the bottom to add more or maybe some images and I might pretty it up with some flowers in the blank spots. By the time I had cut out just some of the words I was feeling uplifted, motivated and very positive about my life for 2010 and beyond.

I have put the board (a cork board) on my desk right next to my computer so everyday I can read it over and over again to help feel uplifted, happy and focused even when i'm having one of "those days".

Have you got a Health & Happiness vision board?? and do you have images or words??