17 March 2010

Health & Happiness Journey - Meal Planning

So I have been planning to show you the DYO Magnetic Meal Planner in action for a while now...so here it is.

Over the last month or so I have been on a healthy eating plan (not that I eat junk food all the time...infact apart from chocolate not much at all, just to improve my general health & well-being)....from the Michelle Bridges "Crunch time cookbook" http://www.michellebridges.com.au/index.html ...which has some fantastic recipes and great advice...I highly recommend it.

I wanted to show that the DYO Meal Planner can be used not only for general family use but also if you are following a structured eating plan. So I sat down a week and a bit ago now, got out the book and planned the meals for the next 4 weeks. I have already done the first week (which was actually week 3 on the eating plan), and now up to week 2.

Now whilst I am following the plan throughout the day (it has breakfast, lunch & dinner)sometimes for dinner I will have to adjust some meals to suit my 5 year old but you will get the general ideas.

So the first week went something along these lines;

Day 1 on MB plan - Chicken Rice Paper Rolls
Meal option used: San Choy Bow (a kid friendly meal) and we used chicken.

Day 2 on MB plan - Chargrilled Chicken w Salsa
Meal option used: Chicken salad

Day 3 on MB plan - Cauliflower, spinach & ricotta bake
Meal option used: Vegetable & pasta bake

Day 4 on MB plan - Kangaroo with mash
Meal option used: Beef with vegetables

so I will skip to week 2

Day 1 on MB plan - Chinese poached chicken
Meal option used: Chicken rissoles with vegies (ok so this was one of the adjusted meals)

Day 2 on MB plan - Vegetable stacks with tofu
Meal option used: Vegetable curry (my son will generally only eat vegies all mixed together with rice or pasta and some kind of sauce)

Day 3 on MB plan (thats today!) - Salmon with tartare sauce & rocket salad
Meal option to be used: Tuna salad

now I don't want to give away all Michelle's recipes but just a few other suggestions are;

- tomato, anchovy & basil pizza = homemade pizza
- lamb and sweet potato tagine = lamb casserole
- Lentil Shepherds pie = vegetable pie

So hopefully now you can see just how versatile the DYO Meal Planner is.....oh and make sure you tell all your friends!