11 January 2010

Health & Happiness Journey - Gardening

So you are probably thinking...what has gardening got to do with health & happiness?? Well when you build a new one by hand it can be quite the workout to say the least!
So a quick update on my health & happiness journey so far...I have been going along eating generally well and trying to keep to 5 meals per day which takes a bit of getting used to as i'm not particularly a big eater generally. I have also started a muscle building workout routine (which admittedly i have had a week off from) consisting of lunges, squats, push ups, tricep dips, crunches etc. I will give a more detailed account of both my healthy eating plan and workouts in the next few posts.

So back to gardening...a few weeks ago it was decided that the weed pit down the back of the yard had to go and be replaced with a few native bushes. But in order to do that I would need to pull out all the weeds (that were as high as the fence!) and find the remaining plants from the garden that used to be there and transplants them into a new garden. So I decided to extend a garden on the 2nd level (we have a 3 level all grass backyard). So I laid out the hose in the shape I wanted and started to dig up the grass. Now this is not the first time I have dug up grass....but I think I forgot just how hard it is but definately a great all over body workout as you use legs, arms, abs, back and that is just using the mattic. Then there is pulling the grass up, digging up plants, digging new holes for the transplant, carrying bricks from one end of the yard to the other for the boarder.

Apart from the obvious workout you will get from building a garden, it also gets you out in the sun (sunscreen & hat a must) and fresh air, you can get your kids involved and build something together but most of all you will come out of it with a sense of happiness and satisfaction that you created something.

These images were taken prior to finishing.....I have to add a few finishing touches yet, so will post an update next week with the finished product.