17 November 2009

Weekly Feature Gift Site....Loads of Fun for kids!

This week I have choosen Dress Ups as the Mum e Assistant Feature Gift Site.

Dress Ups is an online store providing quality dress ups and fancy dress costumes for boys and girls. Dress Ups is all about allowing children to play, engaging both mentally and physically in their fantasy world - and not just succumbing to that of the ever present technical age.

Costumes include classic favourites such as cowboy & indians, chefs, mermaids, builders, superheros and much more...my son has both the cowboy and indian and plans on taking the brochure with him to visit santa "so he will know what I want".
I love to encourage my son to use his imagination and engage in fantasy based play....I feel it helps his confidence, speech and general learning about life.

All of the beautiful costumes are lovingly handmade in Australia and are fantastic quality. Dress ups are a wonderful gift idea for birthdays and christmas so be sure to visit them today at http://www.dressupskids.com.au/

Dress-ups, dress-ups and make believe…..take me to the place where I can dream!