03 December 2009

Health & Happiness Journey

So I have decided to get my act together and go on a health kick...yes i do say this quite often but this time I will be holding myself accountable by making it a public thing!

This isn't some major weightloss exercise, although I do plan on losing a tad bit of weight and toning up alot! it is more about becoming the happiest /healthiest and best person I can be in 2010! So for the next 6 months, I will be posting every week or so my goals, progress, eating habits (good&bad), exercise routines, fitness tips (don't worry these will come from the experts!), recipes, fun, relaxation etc.

My health & happiness tools will include;
  • Health & Well-Being Journal - a must have for every health & happiness journey
  • DYO Magnetic Family Meal Planner - to keep evening family meals on track
  • my.organiser - to schedule everything
  • my trusty fitball - which doubles as my desk chair....great for posture and your abs.
  • my beautiful new pink bike - which I just recently started riding....I had forgotten just how much fun bike riding is!
  • treadmill - luckily the junk was taken off it recently so I can actually use it!
  • yoga dvd
  • pilates dvd and band
  • hand weights

So if anyone wants to join me on their own health & happiness journey please do and feel free to leave any comments about your progress along the way.