20 April 2010

Part 3 of Fab Giveaway websites...

So finally I am finding time to tell you about more of the fabulous websites offering some amazing prizes for the MumeDay Giveaway.  So here are the next 9...

Pregfit - www.pregfit.com.au
This site is run by a lovely new mum and physiotherapist and is dedicated to helping mums stay active and healthy during your pregnancy.  Pregfit offers comfy specialized maternity fitness wear that actually looks great.!  There is also advice and links to Health and Fitness Professionals for Pregnancy and the Post-Partum recovery period.

Borne Naked - www.bornenaked.com.au
The original and best handbag liner (and available on Mum e Assistant!) .  Now offering a range of essential packs.....one for every type of woman including the beach pack, mum pack, travelling pack, indulgent pack and more.

Rhasdala - http://www.rhasdala.com.au/
Rhasdala offers you the most divine sounding handmade bath & beauty products!  Imagine at the end of a long day soaking in a hot bath with Diva Milk Bath that smells like chocolate!  No more calories when you need a fix....just have a bath and breath it in! 

Body Bolster - www.bodybolster.com
This great little product is a self inflating postural support that combines ‘tool and skill’ with a self treatment capability wider than any other self help tool available. Developed by a team of Australian physical therapists for the purpose of allowing relaxation of the muscles and mobility of the joints. A great product you can take anywhere and have on hand to workout anytime.

What Can I Eat - www.whatcanieat.com.au
This is a fantastic site filled with food, information, recipes, support and much more for people with or have family members with food allergies.   No more searching supermarkets for appropriate food....its all her on one website.

European Wardrobe - http://www.europeanwardrobe.com.au/
This site is filled with beautiful European designer clothing, handbags, jewellery and more.  No need to spend money on airfare to go shopping....shop online at European Wardrobe and have it delivered to your door!

Purely Natural Living - http://www.purelynaturalliving.com.au/
Run by the lovely Rebekah, Purely Natural Living products are just divine! I have personally used PNL products and rave about them !  The soaps feel silky on  your skin and leave it looking soft and smooth.  My next purchase will definately be the new Hydrating & Plumping Serum !

Real Body Club - www.realbodyclub.com
Run by Sonja Falvo - Author, Speaker & International Body Transformation Specialist.  The Real Body website offers online support, tool, resources, products and more to help you reach your health & fitness goals. 

Forever Impressed - www.foreverimpressed.com.au
Forever Impressed is run by the lovely, talented and hardworking Korrine.  Offering a huge range of personalised gifts for all occasions, there is something for everyone.....from mugs to magnets and jewellery to decor items...its your one stop shop for gifts.