30 March 2010

MumeDay Giveaway - Fabulous Websites Part 2

So the nex 6 wonderful sites offering you more fantastic prizes are:

Stylescene - www.stylescene.com.au
Stylescene is run by the most lovely Tayana. She is the reason this giveaway is now offering over $2000 worth of prizes! Stylescene is an online magazine for women offering you the latest in fashion, fitness, hair, travel, lifestyle, the best sales onlin....and each month has fantastic giveaways. Drop over and sign up to the monthly newsletter so you don't miss out on whats happening.

Aroma Beauty - www.aromabeauty.com.au
Jan is the talented and kind lady behind Aroma Beauty. She handmakes the most amazing natural soaps which will nourish your body, mind and spirit. All the soaps use only the best pure natural ingredients. Aroma Beauty soaps are "Made With Love, Filled With Goodness"

Safire Skin Care - www.safire.com.au
Safire products contain all natural ingredients and are have a range available to suit all skin types. Made from ingredients such as Australian Clay, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin C and Zeolities. The Safire range is wonderful for rejuvinating facial treatments.

Ripple Massage - www.ripplemassage.com.au
The day spa that comes to you ! with everything from frangipani, chocolate, hotstone, pregnancy even couples massage....Ripple Massage has it covered. They also offer reflexology, head massage and an express massage for busy women! Servicing QLD, Northern NSW and VIC book yourself in today....you deserve it!

Max and Blanks - www.maxandblanks.com.au
Meals Men Love - www.mealsmenlove.com.au
Lana is the simply lovely lady to bring you these 2 websites. Offering you beautiful homewares and a cookbook that even I could use! there is something for every woman on these sites. If you want your home smelling divine....I can definately recommend the Rose Angel Curls!

BellyArt - www.bellyart.com.au
A beautiful and creative way to remember the joys of pregnancy is with a BellyArt Belly Casting. These beautiful works of art can be decorated with hands&feet, photos, flowers, dates..anything you can think of. They also offer DIY kits and inkless frame print kits for those special first hand and foot prints.

Make sure you check out these fantastic sites......see you tomorrow for more.