03 September 2009


Welcome to the Mum e Assistant blog.

My aim for this blog is to provide all busy super women with help to simplify and organise their lives and families. I will be bringing you product reviews, information on fun family events, charity events, health & fitness information.....basically anything that will help, simplify and enhance women's lives.

The Mum e Assistant website was created out of a need to help women find time for family and most importantly "ME" time! Women are so busy worrying about the kids, husbands, whether the house is tidy or not, jobs, careers! that they forget to stop and take time out for themselves....we all need to give ourselves a little treat everynow and then.

We also need to look after ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically, by eating well, exercising, socialising with family and friends, finding time each day to meditate, do yoga, watch a dvd, read a newspaper or book.....whatever gives you that sense of relaxation. So if you have/know of/or do something that could help and empower other wonderful superwomen please do not hesitate to contact me.....don't keep it to yourself share it around!