04 September 2009

Fun birthday gifts for kids!

It was my little man's 5th birthday yesterday...which i'm a little sad about as he is growing up so fast....fastest 5 years of my life!! Now I like to buy gifts for him that are educational, imaginative, sporty basically things that serve some sort of purpose and will help him grow as a person....i'm not all that keen on those crazy so called superhero that fights crime with a dangerous weapon!! So I thought I would share a couple of his gifts which I purchased online from 2 wonderful sites......Moobear Designs and Dress Ups.

One was this georgous colourful Moobear Designs "Moo's Earth" t-shirt in Lime. The Earth is made from recycled materials so each shirt is unique. My little man loved it so much he couldn't wait till his birthday to open it and just had to wear it to daycare the very next day to show it off to all his friends!

As my little man has a huge imagination and just loves to dress up (which is evident by the giant dress up box we have in his room!), so of course I just had to visit Dress Ups. They have a huge range of traditional kids dress ups just like when we were kids....simple, creative, imaginative.

We went for the indian and cowboy.....
both of which have been well worn already and its only been 1 day!

so if you are looking for a childs gift make sure you visit both these wonderful sites.