18 September 2009

Tulle Bag for Meal Planners ....Prototype No.1

Lately I have been reading all these lovely creative sewing and crafty blogs....and I was inspired to give my own creativity a go!....now creativity doesn't really describe me well, but I can sew believe it or not!
I have been searching for weeks now to find the perfect packaging for my DYO Meal Planners with not alot of success! I wanted something girly, practical and environmentally friendly (not as easy as it sounds when you have a budget). So I came up with the ideas of Tulle Bags.....girly as they will have a nice satin ribbon, practical as they can store you meal magnets while not in use and environmentally friendly as it can be used to store other things.

Then I remembered I had some beautiful soft cream tulle in my cupboard that I had bought to add to the bottom of a dress a few months ago but then went out and bought a new dress instead that I ended up sewing green ribbon to the bottom of (to cover up my knees)!

So today I finally decided to give it go, got out the sewing maching, the tape measure and scissors, pretty ribbon and started my first prototype. I had some pink and blue ribbon I had bought a few days ago for pretty packaging. So then I had to decide whether I would have the drawstring at the top a couple of inches down and leave a little extra frilly bit at the top. Today I decided to try the drawstring at the top....

Evidently I need some pretty bow tying practice but will work on that! And I think tomorrow I will definatley try the drawstring a little further down. But this was just a trial....it actually looks quite good but unfortunatly my little happy snap camera doesn't really show it off to its full potential! Oh and it will also have a pretty hot pink tag.

So watch this space for Prototype No. 2...