15 September 2009

The DYO Magnetic Meal Planner is here!!!

Finally, after months of talking about it is finally here...the Design Your Own Magnetic Meal Planning System. I have designed it to easily fit into your regular everyday meals such as Stir Fry's, Casseroles, Pasta's, Risotto's, Salads, Curries and of course chicken & lamb roasts and meat and 3 veg .

There is a special group of fun meals just for the kids which consists of meals they can help prepare and don't need knives & forks to eat; such as, taco, nacho, burgers, skewers (or meat on a stick as my son calls it!) san choy bow, homemade pizza. Kids are more likely to eat the meal if they helped prepare it.

It consists of;
  • 71 meal options, 6 take aways and 3 write your own options
  • is magnetised, wipe clean & kitchen friendly
  • has a special "kid friendly" group of meals that the kids can help prepare
  • fits easily onto any fridge
  • is colour coded for easy reading
  • has an easy to use / fun family format

This will simplify your family's meal times and is a must have for every family.

I also have to give a huge thank you to both Steph at Moobear Designs for her creative photography....and Lisa from Scribbly Dog for her fantastic design work.... 2 totally fantastic women!!