11 June 2010

Product Review - Dress Ups and Make Believe!

Recently both my son and I had lots of fun playing (oops I mean Reviewing!)  products from the Dress Ups range.

The range was started out of a life long love of the joy that dressing up can bring to children.  The range consists of occupations such as doctors, police, builder etc, characters such as superheros, Alice in Wonderland, mermaids, bits and bobs and much more.  Dress Ups are not just the usual super hero or DVD character of the month that you will find in department stores....they are made up of characters that will have your child using their imaginations just like when Alice stepped into Wonderland!

The 2 costumes we have had the pleasure of reviewing are the Policeman and Cowboy dress ups....2 must haves for every little little boy or girl (they have thought of cowgirls as well!).  The first thing you will find when your Dress Ups package arrives is a letter to your excited little boy or girl explaining how the Dress Ups Queen herself discovered the love of dressing up and escaping into a fantasy land.... Aunty Reenie pulled from her big bag a box and presented it to me. There nestled within was my first Dress Up costume. It was then that my imagination exploded!   My childhood was filled with Cowboys and Cowgirls. Princesses, Princes, Fairies - Wizards and Pirates abound! " .  I found this letter to be such a lovely little touch and made it just that little bit more exciting and special for my son when receiving his parcel.

The Police Uniform - comes as a 3 piece set with pant, shirt and helmet.  All dress ups are made from cotton and the shirts all have a velcros strip so even the littlest hands can easily do up and undo their own shirts without having to fiddle around with buttons and button holes!  It also comes with epilets and silver buttons on the shoulders just like the real Police Uniform.  The pants are all elasticised so they grow with your child. This is my sons favourite and even has its own special shelf so its easily accessible at any moment there is police work to be done!

The Cowboy costume I think is my favourite because of its cute check shirt, black vest and pants all finished off with fringe and stars embellishments....just like a real cowboy!

All the stitching is precise and well finished and definitely won't fall apart from catching badies in the city or riding horses in the wild west.  I also found the sizes to be very generous which is great for growing little bodies.

Whether your little one is a princess, cowboy, builder, mermaid, chef, doctor, magician or some kind of wild animal.....there is a dress ups costume that is sure to excite and expand their imagination.
Dress Ups Dress Ups and Make Believe....take me to the place where I can dream