21 June 2010

Feature Gift Site - Love Being Woman

This month's feature gift site....Love Being Woman produces a product aimed at the sensuality and wellbeing of women.....the Be Be - Be Beautiful Be You.
Creators Kristine and Lisa commented "We are devoted to creating niche products which make women feel great. We are passionate about inspiring women and making a difference, in a fun, feminine and uplifting way".

The Be Be is the discreet and stylish intimate massager you can carry around in your handbag or leave on your bedside table! Designed with sensual feminine curves and touch sensitive buttons so that you can release those feel good endorphins! The release of those happy hormones not only feels great , they can also improve your health! Studies have shown that the release of endorphins can help:
  • reduce stress
  • enhance your mood
  • increase self- esteem
  • boost your immune system

The lovely ladies at Love Being Woman have offered a special offer to Mum e Assistant readers of free postage (save $10) when ordering - please quote MSM in the loyalty box.
Be Beautiful Be You today http://www.lovebeingwoman.com.au/