31 October 2009

Weekly Feature Gift Site

Ok so the next item on my list is to feature a fab gift site each week from the Mum e Assistant Gift Directory. The lucky first is Purely Natural Living. I'm not the only one raving about these beautiful handmade products...Your Cheeky Monkey has also recently reviewed one of the products.

I recently purchased a Lavender Goats Milk Soap, Lavender Liquid Soap and Island Escape Sugar Scrub from Rebekah and have found them all to be of amazing quality along with receiving excellent customer service.

The Lavender Goats Milk Soap is just divine! and to quote my 5 year son...."mum this soap is so soft I just love it!" The Lavender Liquid Soap smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft. The Island Escape Sugar Scrub smells just like a tropical island with its coconut aroma. The scrub is gentle but very effective and left my skin buffed and looking ready for my summer shorts and singlet tops!

I have been alternating between the Goats Milk Soap and the Liquid Soap on a daily basis now for about 1 ½ weeks and in that time have not felt the need to apply moisturiser after showering as these wonderful natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals that dry your skin only natural oils.

So do yourself a favour and visit Purely Natural Living today and pick up some wonderful handmade Christmas gifts.