30 September 2009

Do you want something for FREE!!

Do you want to get in shape for summer or just to feel better about yourself and improve your health??? Well I have the perfect solution.....and a FREE product give away...how good is that!

The Health & Well-Being Journal is a great little A5 size tool that tracks all your eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise, how many crunches you can do, how many km's/minutes (or metres/seconds!!) . It also has a fantastic goal setting section and allows you to track all of this for 18 weeks.

So whats the freeby bit I hear you saying.....well until further notice, with every purchase of the Health & Well-Being Journal from Mum e Assistant you will receive your choice of a; Tummy Band, Drop Buddy or Milk Bands.

All you have to do is visit the Lifestyle Parenting website to register and receive your unique Redemption Certificate and don't forget to select Mum e Assistant in the Retailer box.

Once you have your Redemption Certificate please place your unique code and your choice of FREE GIFT in the box provided when you reach the checkout!